cygwin b20 : gcc-2.95.2 : "Install" file

Sean Champ
Fri Mar 17 03:28:00 GMT 2000

attatched to this email is a changed copy of the "INSTALL" file for the gnu compiler collection, version 2.95.2, from the FTP site.


      % cd /Cygnus/cygwin-b20
      % cat /tmp/gcc-2.95.2-cygb20.tar.gz.* | tar zxvf -
was changed to what it is in the attached file, which returned no error messages.

(apologies if this should've been diff-ed.  i'm still working on getting through how to get going with a functional install of cygwin.)

-- sean

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GCC-2.95.2 for Cygwin B20.x -- Installation instructions

1. Choose what packages to download:

  a. gcc-2.95.2-cygb20.tar.gz ....... [MANDATORY] C/C++/F77/ObjC/Java 
  b. gcc-2.95.2-docs-info.tar.gz .... [OPTIONAL] Docs in GNU info format 
  c. gcc-2.95.2-docs-html.tar.gz .... [OPTIONAL] Docs in HTML format 
  d. gcc-2.95.2-mingw-extra.tar.gz .. [OPTIONAL] Mingw extra package.
  e. gcc-2.95.2-dev-ss.tar.gz ....... [OPTIONAL] For Cygwin dev snapshots

1. Get the mandatory package first.

  (1) If you're on a fast link, just get the following files:

      - gcc-2.95.2-cygb20.tar.gz

  (2) For slower links, get the split files from "split" directory.

      - gcc-2.95.2-cygb20.tar.gz.*
  Now get the optional packages that you may want. I recommend you get
  at least one of the documentation packages (info or HTML format).
2. Pre-installation:

  You MUST have Cygwin b20.1 (the "full" distribution) already installed.
  See for more info.

  You can either choose to replace your system compiler or install this
  elsewhere so you can have both. 
  If you choose to replace system compiler, just skip to the next section.
  If you choose NOT to replace your system compiler, and want to maintain 
  both, then you should note the following:
  GCC-2.95.2 will look for headers/libraries first in it's installation
  area, and *then* in /Cygnus/cygwin-b20/... If you've installed Cygwin
  b20 in C:/Cygnus, or you have mounted the installation tree under
  /Cygnus, then you can install this package anywhere you want
  and have both compilers available. No need to set any GCC-related
  variable such as GCC_EXEC_PREFIX, C_INCLUDE_PATH and so on.

  However, if you have installed Cygwin somewhere else, eg., in D:
  drive, then you need to mount the Cygwin install directory as /Cygnus
  and that will take care of it.
    $ mount -b d:/Cygnus /Cygnus
3. INSTALL GCC-2.95.2 (replace system compiler):
   a. If you have the whole file gcc-2.95.2-cygb20.tar.gz
      % cd /Cygnus/cygwin-b20
      % tar zxvf /tmp/gcc-2.95.2-cygb20.tar.gz

         That will certainly screw up hard links and you'll end up with
         a non-working system. And, please do resist the impulse to send 
	 me email telling me that I am wrong about this.  !!
   b. If you have the "split" files:

      % cd /cygnus/cygwin-b20/tmp
      % gzip -cd *.gz | tar xvf - -C /cygnus/cygwin-b20

      You may want to make sure you have binary mounts or set the
      binmode option in CYGWIN *before* starting bash. You'll get
      garbage in text mode.
4. Setting up environment variables and such:
   It's already done for you when you start bash using cygnus.bat (or
   using the Start Menu).

5. INSTALL GCC-2.95.2 OPTIONAL packages following exactly the same steps.

Good luck.


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