Errors trying to compile gcc

Virgil Palanciuc
Fri Mar 17 02:57:00 GMT 2000

    I am 
trying to build a cross-compiler for a SC100 from gcc2.7.2.1 (the machine 
description was written for this version of gcc and I couldn't manage to 
build using a different version of gcc with it),
version of cygwin I have comes with egcs2-91-57.
managed to build a cross-compiler on a i586-solaris, but when I try build it 
using cygwin it fails with the following error:
[/home/stud/badrian/cg27]$ make LANGUAGES=c gcc 
-DCROSS_COMPILE -DIN_GCC   -g   -o xgcc gcc.o 
version.o  obstack.o ` case "gcc" in "cc") echo "" ;; esac ` gcc.o: In 
`pexecute': /d/UnixRoot/home/stud/badrian/cg27/../gcc- 
undefined reference to 
`__spawnv' /d/UnixRoot/home/stud/badrian/cg27/../gcc- 
undefined reference to `__spawnvp' collect2: ld returned 1 exit 
status make: *** [xgcc] Error 1
   The odd 
thing about this is that this is actually a linker error. I looked at 
gcc.c and apparently the error is caused by the following 

#ifndef _WIN32 #include <sys/file.h> 
/* May get R_OK, etc. on some systems. */ #else #include 
<process.h> int __spawnv (); int __spawnvp (); #endif
anybody help me?

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