fstream calls in cygwin dll

Alex Bertram alexkb@usa.net
Sun Dec 12 15:24:00 GMT 1999

 Thanks to Mummit Khan for both his response and voluminous docs! 

I've been successfull in calling my cygwin dll based upon gnu plotutils by
visual basic 6.0, and i'm that much closer to convincing my company that
integrating unix apps/library/os's in our microsoft shop is a *GOOD* thing.

however, the dll brings down the app following any call to cout, cerr, cin or
my iofstream objects. I can go ahead and use fopen, fread and the like, but is
this a problem that's been solved already?


      //this works \/       

        FILE *testh = fopen("/aviscos2.log", "w");
        fprintf(testh, "testing... i don't think the c++ i/o works.\n");
        fprintf(testh, "got these params (%s, %s, %s)\n", infile, outfile,

       //this does not!
        // Trace::logfile << "just getting started." << endl;

//        Trace t("convert_ps");

        /* Initialize */

        HPEnv env;

        /* Open Files */

        ifstream hpglfile(infile);
        FILE * psfile = fopen(outfile, "w");

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