fstream calls in cygwin dll

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Fri Dec 31 13:28:00 GMT 1999

On 12 Dec 1999, Alex Bertram wrote:

>  Thanks to Mummit Khan for both his response and voluminous docs! 

First time I've been accused of having voluminous docs ;-) The problem
we have is not enough docs, and what we have is scattered all over the
place. Getting better however.

> I've been successfull in calling my cygwin dll based upon gnu plotutils by
> visual basic 6.0, and i'm that much closer to convincing my company that
> integrating unix apps/library/os's in our microsoft shop is a *GOOD* thing.
> however, the dll brings down the app following any call to cout, cerr, cin or
> my iofstream objects. I can go ahead and use fopen, fread and the like, but is
> this a problem that's been solved already?

Please describe what you're trying to do first before sending in snippets
which mean nothing without the context. Are you building a (1) "normal"
Cygwin DLL, (2) Mingw DLL, or (3) Cygwin DLL to be dynamically loaded by 
a non-Cygwin app such as Java JNI or Excel????

(1) and (2) should have no problem. For (3), B20.1 has just enough support
for trivial code to work, but breaks down for anything more. I finally had
the time to fix it up and it's now included in the Cygwin development
snapshots (downloadable from Cygwin ftp site). Cygwin B21 aka 1.0.1 should
have the changes.


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