problem installing B20.1 on NT 4.0 sp3
Thu Dec 31 00:36:00 GMT 1998

In a message dated 12/30/98 9:18:29 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I've downloaded the latest/full.exe. When I run it (double-click in
 for instance), I get some boxes that files are extracted, then an hourglass
 (for a few seconds), then nothing !
 Checking my c:\tmp directory, I find a subdirectory (one for each attempt of
 running full.exe), with probably all files in there (see attached list),
 including Setup.exe. When I try to run Setup.exe by hand (double-click in
 explorer again), the hourglass appears again, but nothing more happens. >>

There's no reason this shouldn't work.  I installed it alongside b19 on
nt4/sp3.  The behavior is similar to what you get with a corrupted file system
or registry, so, while I hate to mention it, make sure you have run chkdsk and
regclean until they come out clean, unless you have a better suite (e.g.
Norton?  I use NU on W95 but struggle with chkdsk and regclean on NT, so don't
know if NU for NT is as good as it is on W95).  Obviously, you will need a
fresh copy of full.exe if chkdsk discards part of it.  
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