DDD Debugger

Fabio Somenzi Fabio@Colorado.EDU
Wed Dec 30 18:07:00 GMT 1998

Przemyslav Gawronski writes:

> What is needed by the DDD debugger...

I've tried (so far unsuccessfully) to port DDD 3.1.2 to
b20.1/Windows98.  I have an executable that creates the main DDD
window, but fails to connect to gdb. Alternatively, it fails to locate
the X libraries when run with --check-configuration.

In both cases the problem is with calls to popen. I posted a message a
few days ago asking for help in figuring out this popen problem, but
no takers yet. Too bad, because DDD is a superb front-end to gdb (and
other debuggers).

At any rate, this is what you need to get as far as I got:

1. An X server. I currently use the free server by Microimages:

2. X libraries. I have downloaded the precompiled libraries from
   Andy Piper's ftp site http://www.parallax.co.uk/~andyp/ .

3. Lesstif libraries. Check http://www.lesstif.org .

4. And of course ddd itself: http://www.cs.tu-bs.de/softech/ddd

Some configuation work is required.

I would recommend starting from the "related sites" on the Cygnus Web
site. They give good detailed instructions on how to set up X with

As you may already know, there is a precompiled ddd for
b19. Unfortunately, it looks for libXpm.dll which is not in the
precompiled X libraries for b20.


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