Life from ashes (was Re: Saying things straight...)

Christopher Faylor
Wed Dec 23 09:48:00 GMT 1998

On Wed, Dec 23, 1998 at 02:51:54PM +0000, Hilton Fernandes wrote:
>On 22 Dec 98 at 5:06, Christopher G. Faylor wrote:
>This is the most important result of the last flame war: Cygnus will
>distribute Cygwin in smaller packages.  Maybe DJ Delorie, of DJGPP
>fame, has some influence in this, as DJGPP is distributed in nicely
>sized zip files.

Actually, this has absolutely nothing to do with this email exchange.
We've been discussing this for months.  We haven't had the bandwidth
to do anything about it until recently.

DJ will be instrumental in getting this done, however and his opinions
on the subject have certainly helped make this an issue at Cygnus.

-Chris Faylor
-Win32 Manager
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