Life from ashes (was Re: Saying things straight...)

Hilton Fernandes
Wed Dec 23 20:10:00 GMT 1998

On 22 Dec 98 at 5:06, Christopher G. Faylor wrote:

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> Several
> people apparently did not take the remark as a wry comment and responded
> in a defensive way, this being Usenet (essentially) and all...

Usually persons that start a flame war look very adolescent -- and 
they probably are.  To engage in the flame war is an even more 
teenage thing.  :-)  Maybe the original poster just wants to receive 
attention of others, and if you engage in the war you're playing his 
or her game.  

This is what i thought about the last -- or so i hope :-) -- flame
war in this group.  However, it looked even more agressive than the
previous ones i saw in

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> I'm sorry that it is not convenient for you to download 24M of sources.
> We are actually talking about packaging things in a way to make
> individual software components more accessible.  We're also talking
> about providing Cygwin on CD-ROM.

This is the most important result of the last flame war: Cygnus will
distribute Cygwin in smaller packages.  Maybe DJ Delorie, of DJGPP
fame, has some influence in this, as DJGPP is distributed in nicely
sized zip files.

In order to avoid "what package am i missing" questions, maybe a more 
intelligent format like RedHat's .rpm or Debian's .deb could be used.

In any case, this is very good news, and indeed looks like a phoenix
thing, that strange bird that comes back to life after being burnt.


Merry Christmas for all.

Hilton Fernandes
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