cp/mv/rm problems with .exe extension filenames

Simao Campos simao@ctd.comsat.com
Sat Aug 15 11:56:00 GMT 1998


I had the same problem. I solved it by modifying the INSTALL parts of
the Makefile so that xxx would be xxx.exe -- dumb but worked for the
few installs I wanted to make.

I read I think in one of the release notes that this problem had been
solved in install-sh, but it is not working out of the box in in 19.1,
as you just observed.

Simao Campos
> ...
> The command failed because the file 'vim' did not exist--it is vim.exe!
> From what I can tell, it looks like 'ls' handles filenames w/o the .exe
> extension, but the rest of the tools (rm, cp, mv, ??) don't!  I've read
> ...
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