cp/mv/rm problems with .exe extension filenames

Steven Hein ssh@cray.com
Thu Aug 13 14:53:00 GMT 1998

I'm definitely a newbie to GNU-win32, so please forgive me if this turns
out to be a dumb question!

I recently downloaded a "GNU-style" (uses ./configure) software package (the
unix version of vim 5.1, specifically).  It configured, and built as is, but
when I went to install it, I found that the install targets in the Makefile
couldn't copy the binary to /bin (where I wanted it).  The problem boiled
down to trying to do a:

cp vim /bin

The command failed because the file 'vim' did not exist--it is vim.exe!
>From what I can tell, it looks like 'ls' handles filenames w/o the .exe
extension, but the rest of the tools (rm, cp, mv, ??) don't!  I've read
the FAQ and didn't see anything concerning this.  I have the same problem
with other GNU-style packages (bash, etc.).  This seems like a glaring hole
with "unix compatibility".......am I missing something?  I'm running B19.1
on Windows NT 4.0 SP3.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Steve Hein
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