CFA: pseudo-reloc v2

Charles Wilson
Tue Oct 6 22:45:00 GMT 2009

Corinna wrote:
> On Oct  6 10:34, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Corinna wrote:
>> > The important question here is, will v1 pseudo relocs work as
>> > before? Since we simply don't have applications with v2 pseudo
>> > relocs yet and since the idea is to switch to v2 after giving it a
>> > longer grace period, the v2 functionality is just prep work. I'm
>> > all for supporting v2 right from 1.7.1, as long as it's guranteed
>> > that the v1 code path behaves as before.
>> v1 relocs continue to work as before, at least according to my tests
>> with a current ld.
> That's what concerned me.  If it still works as before, I have no
> objections at all.

Ok, now that the "Wrappers for ExitProcess, TerminateProcess"
are in, I'm going to post the full patch for v2 pseudo-reloc support and
move the discussion over the cygwin-patches.


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