More: [1.7] packaging problem? Both /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/ are non-empty

Earnie Boyd
Thu May 14 12:33:00 GMT 2009

Quoting Corinna Vinschen <>:

> However, I have a problem with enforcing the MOUNT_CYGWIN_EXEC flag for
> /usr/bin.  Not all executables in /usr/bin are cygwin executables.  Even
> our own strace or cygcheck are no Cygwin binaries, and there are a
> couple more in the directory.  This MOUNT_CYGWIN_EXEC default overrides
> the checks in for non-cygwin binaries.  IMO using the cygexec
> flag should be a deliberate choice of the admin/user.  I would prefer we
> would remove it from the auto /usr/bin again.

With the first versions of MSYS I had set this flag for /usr/bin.  We  
told people to put other binaries in /mingw/bin because they wouldn't  
work otherwise.  Now instead I check the binary headers for the dll  
name being linked into the executable to know whether or not the  
executable is a MSYS one or not.  Makes the support requests for this  
issue go away.

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