More: [1.7] packaging problem? Both /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/ are non-empty

Corinna Vinschen
Thu May 14 13:00:00 GMT 2009

On May 14 12:33, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Quoting Corinna Vinschen <>:
>> However, I have a problem with enforcing the MOUNT_CYGWIN_EXEC flag for
>> /usr/bin.  Not all executables in /usr/bin are cygwin executables.  Even
>> our own strace or cygcheck are no Cygwin binaries, and there are a
>> couple more in the directory.  This MOUNT_CYGWIN_EXEC default overrides
>> the checks in for non-cygwin binaries.  IMO using the cygexec
>> flag should be a deliberate choice of the admin/user.  I would prefer we
>> would remove it from the auto /usr/bin again.
> With the first versions of MSYS I had set this flag for /usr/bin.  We  
> told people to put other binaries in /mingw/bin because they wouldn't  
> work otherwise.  Now instead I check the binary headers for the dll name 
> being linked into the executable to know whether or not the executable is 
> a MSYS one or not.  Makes the support requests for this issue go away.

That's what Cygwin does when the cygexec flag isn't given.  The idea of
the cygexec flag is exactly to drop the reqirement for a couple of these
tests when spawning a new process.  That's why the implementation of the
flag should left untouched.  It's just questionable if /usr/bin should
default to this flag.


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