Preliminary openat and friends in 1.7.0-5

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Apr 23 11:33:00 GMT 2008


this is mostely for Eric to play with ;)

I added preliminary implementations of the openat family of functions
to Cygwin, namely

  openat, faccessat, fchmodat, fchownat, fstatat, futimesat, linkat,
  mkdirat, mkfifoat, mknodat, readlinkat, renameat, symlinkat, unlinkat

I've just uploaded 1.7.0-5 which contains these functions to the
release-2 area.

These implementations are preliminary because they convert the directory
descriptor to a pathname, append the given target pathname to it, and
then call the previously existing standard functions with it.  Since the
directory could have been renamed in the meantime, the calls could fail
or be misdirected.

However, having these functions in is better than not, and we can
implement them correctly at some later point, when path_conv can handle
directory handle relative paths.

As for futimesat:  I know that SUSv4 has deprecated the idea of
futimesat in favor of utimensat.  However, futimesat is at least Linux
compatible and so far we don't have an implementation of futimens, which
would be required to implement utimensat in the above manner.  I'll add
that later, maybe this week.


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