socket change in 1.7.0-3

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Apr 17 15:06:00 GMT 2008


I made a change to the 1.7 version which I'm rather unsure about.

Since 2001, when closing a socket, the close() function would switch to
lingering up to 240 secs on a socket.  This isn't quite correct (and
never was), but it was the only simple way to avoid data loss in some
cases on closing a socket.  A description including a testcase of the
original problem can be found in

Unfortunately there's no hint if that occured on 9x or NT or both.
Anyway, now that the socket handling had been changed a lot in 1.7, and
now that we can exclude 9x from the picture, I tested the original
scenario again, with the linger code disabled.  I was not able to
reproduce the original problem, neither on NT4, nor on XP or 2K8, so I
disabled the linger code in CVS now.

I just uploaded a 1.7.0-3 which contains that patch to the release-2
area which you can fetch with setup-1.7.exe.  If you encounter strange
and even maybe reproducible "Connection reset by peer" problems, which
you never had before, it might be due to this change.

So I'd like to ask you to keep an eye on that.


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