Latest snapshot and CYG_MAX_PATH

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Nov 15 10:46:00 GMT 2007

On Nov 15 11:07, Juan Rey Saura wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> Yes, it is ok.  First of all, you shouldn't fiddle with CYG_MAX_PATH.
>> It's supposed to be MAX_PATH (260) and nothing else.  Second, the
>> snapshot is work in progress towards being able to use long UTF path
>> names up to PATH_MAX (~32K) in length.  This isn't finished yet and
>> so it's not exactly stable.  Some parts of the DLL are still working
>> with CYG_MAX_PATH while others are working with PATH_MAX.  In the
>> long run we won't use CYG_MAX_PATH anymore.
> That is what I suposed, I will be very pleased with the upcoming version.
> Since I have been a C/C++ developer for several years, maybe is there 
> something I can help with?.

Sure!  This conversion to long path names is a lot of work.  And even if
you don't want to interfere with that, there's always room for
improvements.  For instance, stuff like this, which is partly on my
wish list for years:

  - Improve our pthread code and implement missing pthread functions
    (see posix.sgml)

  - Real wide char support, not only the crippled variants in newlib

  - AF_UNIX socket file descriptor passing 

  - gethostbyname2 (in the long run this would allow to implement
    getaddrinfo without having to call winsock's getaddrinfo)

  - Advisory file locking

  - MAP_NORESERVE for files and shared anonymous memory

  - Support for multiple sound devices

  - Implement the lot of missing math functions (see posix.sgml)
    in newlib

  etc. etc. etc...

Just have a look into  Especially
the "Before you get started" part is rather important.


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