Latest snapshot and CYG_MAX_PATH

Juan Rey Saura
Thu Nov 15 10:07:00 GMT 2007

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Nov 14 10:16, Juan Rey Saura wrote:
>> I have been playing with lastest snapshot and depending on CYG_MAX_PATH
>> value I set, I have experienced diferent behaivours:
>> value -> PATH_MAX -> all programs run properly
>> value  ->1024 -> I get an  "ACCES_VIOLATION"
>> value -> 4096 -> I get an "*incompatible* *per_process* *info* 0 != 168"
>> message
>> Is it OK? Why?.
> Yes, it is ok.  First of all, you shouldn't fiddle with CYG_MAX_PATH.
> It's supposed to be MAX_PATH (260) and nothing else.  Second, the
> snapshot is work in progress towards being able to use long UTF path
> names up to PATH_MAX (~32K) in length.  This isn't finished yet and
> so it's not exactly stable.  Some parts of the DLL are still working
> with CYG_MAX_PATH while others are working with PATH_MAX.  In the
> long run we won't use CYG_MAX_PATH anymore.
> Corinna
That is what I suposed, I will be very pleased with the upcoming version.

Since I have been a C/C++ developer for several years, maybe is there 
something I can help with?.

Anyway, thank you for your effort !!

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