Amount of spam on cygwin-cvs

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed May 19 22:36:00 GMT 2004


If this is the wrong list, please feel free to redirect me -- somehow it
didn't seem right to send it to cygwin@...

Did anyone notice the increased amount of spam on cygwin-cvs?  Is there
any reason anyone but those with cvs commit access should even be allowed
to post there?  I'm not sure how hard it would be to automatically
subscribe anyone with cvs commit privileges to cygwin-cvs-allow or
something, and make cygwin-cvs a subscriber-post-only list, but it sure
would cut the amount of noise one has to wade through to get at the commit

FWIW, same goes for cygwin-apps-cvs, but I guess that list address wasn't
exposed to spammers yet.
P.S. I also noticed an *empty* cygwin-xfree-cvs list -- no entries in the
past 2 years.  Is it still needed?
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