waveXxReset: strace reports thread 'unknown'

Gerd Spalink Gerd.Spalink@t-online.de
Fri May 7 22:19:00 GMT 2004

The following is an excerpt from an strace log from the command

strace -o cp159.log cp okay.wav /dev/dsp

  115  272789 [main] cp 336 close: close (4)
752860 1025649 [unknown (0x430)] cp 336 _cygtls::remove: wait 0xFFFFFFFF
  234 1025883 [unknown (0x430)] cp 336 _cygtls::remove: removed 0x115F140 element 2
  177 1026060 [unknown (0x430)] cp 336 _cygtls::remove: wait 0x0
 3299 1029359 [main] cp 336 close: 0 = close (4)

This happens when /dev/dsp is closed. strace reports a thread "unknown" that
is being removed.
It happens for both the old 1.5.9 version of /dev/dsp and the most recent version,
and it is related to the Win32 call to waveOutReset within /dev/dsp.
It also happens when waveInReset is called.

My question is: Should I be concerned and is there a hidden bug in the
file handler, or can someone tell me what this thread is?

I could imagine that the waveXxOpen functions start some thread, which is
terminated by waveXxReset. But I have no idea why this ends up in _cygtls::remove.


P.S. The most recent wording of the list of changes for 1.5.10 is fine with me

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