1.5.8-1 release notes

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Sun Feb 15 19:07:00 GMT 2004

Anything to add?


Changes since 1.5.7-1:

- Fix hang typified by trying to execute an unknown command in zsh.
  This was caused by a signal race which could have caused other strange hangs
  or odd behavior.
  (Christopher Faylor)

- Tighten spawn()/exec() security.  (Pierre Humblet)

- Add SIGRTMIN/SIGRTMAX definitions.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Reimplement strtosigno/strsignal.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Increase size of cygwin's heap.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Start limited implementation of sigaction(SA_SIGINFO).  (Christopher Faylor)

- Implement clock_gettime, sigwaitinfo, timer_create, timer_delete,
  timer_settime.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Ensure that localtime_r behaves similarly to localtime by calling tzset.
  (Christopher Faylor)

- Make cygserver operations interruptible.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Import latest version of BSD getopt. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Add FIONREAD for sockets.  (Ralf Habacker)

- Call tzset in localtime_r.  (Christopher Faylor)

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