Problems compiling cygwin from CVS - Undefined symbol

Brian Keener
Wed Feb 11 06:32:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> gendef creates sigfe.s.  sigfe.s contains the longjmp definition.  It is
> trivial to see this by INSPECTING sigfe.s rather than assuming that it
> can't possibly be there because you see something called NOSIGFE
> following a line in cygwin.din.

Well - actually I did INSPECT the sigfe.s as well as search most of the source 
and object files for a reference to longjmp.  I just tried a full configure and 
build again and again visually inspected sigfe.s for a longjmp - I guess I 
should have been searching for the .long because that is the only reference to 
a long anything I see in my generated sigfe.s.  I have attached the file if you 
would like a look.

> >Today I updated from cvs again since I saw several changes had been made 
> >(hoping maybe my problem got fixed)
> I am making changes to gendef but it has been correctly building sigfe.s
> for some time.  I'm not trying to fix your problem since I'm pretty sure
> your problem is a cockpit problem.

I knew you weren't working on my problem - because like you I figure it is 
something I am doing or something really obscure but then sometimes one fix for 
one problem can fix a second problem as well.  Of late anytime I have seen 
changes made in that area I have been hopeful.  My configure and build scripts 
have been working well for a long time up until the series of changes that 
started this but that is not meant to imply the problem is yours just an 
explanation of why it is difficult for me to find and why the cockpit seems 
kind of dark at the moment.

Digging on.

Brian Keener

Virtual  Access 5.51 build 315 Windows 2000 build 2195

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