True case-sensitive filenames

Gerald S. Williams
Wed Jan 22 19:47:00 GMT 2003

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Huh?  Weren't we talking about using POSIX_SEMANTICS to provide
> case sensitivity?  I wasn't straying from that.

Good, we were on the same page. I was getting worried. :-)

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't provide POSIX_SEMANTICS for
CreateDirectory(), RemoveDirectory(), or MoveFile(). We can
provide NT-specific alternatives for all three, although it
may not be possible to provide case-sensitive replacements
(at least not portably) under Win9X/ME.

Another option would be to accept (and document) the naming
restrictions that using those functions would cause, but it
sounds like you already ruled that out.


P.S. Assuming we're going with the NT-specific alternatives,
     we still need to implement a case-sensitive directory
     rename. I expect it may require the Native API. I wish
     there were some way I could take a quick peek at NT's
     MoveFile() implementation. :-)

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