True case-sensitive filenames

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jan 22 17:39:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 12:20:57PM -0500, Gerald S. Williams wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>I don't know if the requirements for getting case sensitivity working
>>on NT could be abstractable into something that would allow for future
>>expansion into, oh, I don't know, nfs or something but I think it is
>>worthwhile to consider not just adding a bunch of "ifs" to the code but
>>going for something that could be "plugged in" somehow.
>I'm not sure exactly how far you're talking about going.  It sounds
>like you're suggesting something that I would have thought goes against
>the grain of what Cygwin generally does.

Huh?  Weren't we talking about using POSIX_SEMANTICS to provide
case sensitivity?  I wasn't straying from that.

>If you want a truly generic approach for Win95-like
>clients, you may have to do something similar.

I wasn't talking about Windows 95 clients.  I was talking about not
peppering the code with:

	if (wincap.case_sensitive_available)
	  do_some_stuff ();
	  do_some_other_stuff ();

But instead, trying to come up with a cleaner way of handling the
operations.  I don't have any specific recommendations other than
to think about this not from a "how do I add case sensitivity to
the cygwin DLL" but instead think about it as "how do I modify the
cygwin DLL to make this kind of thing easier so that we can add
other nifty features as well".


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