True case-sensitive filenames

Gerald S. Williams
Tue Jan 21 17:05:00 GMT 2003

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> IMNSHO, the problem is with the project that uses files that differ only 
> in case.  It's not portable, and if the project wishes portability, then 
> the practice must stop.  I urge you to raise an argument with the 
> package maintainers accompanied with a patch.  Changing Cygwin to handle 
> the problem isn't going to cause these problems to disappear as not all 
> environments will support it.

Taking the high road, huh? :-)

Of course, many of the people you'd have to convince
would argue that the problem is with Windows.

I'm not taking sides on that debate. But I have run
into these naming issues enough times to say that,
for me, it would be really nice to have POSIX naming
as an option.

Another problem I've run into recently is that the
people who ARE interested in portability are already
taking the trouble to port their package to Windows.
More often than not, this actually interferes with a
Cygwin build, since they start adding WIN32 checks
throughout the code, taking into consideration not
only platform issues but also compiler weirdness. It
would be nice if we can "beat them to the punch" and
have a Cygwin port first. To this end, being able to
deal with such files may give us a head start.


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