True case-sensitive filenames

Earnie Boyd
Tue Jan 21 16:48:00 GMT 2003

Gerald S. Williams wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>It just seemed like it was really prone to causing massive user
>>confusion for, IMO, little gain.
> I understand you're walking a fine line between offering
> true POSIX compatibility for Unix-types and getting beat
> up with questions from people on the Windows side of the
> house.
> For me the gain is being able to port a project that uses
> case to distinguish C implementations from C++ wrappers,
> implementation from examples, etc. Currently, you can't
> even untar such a project very easily. I'd really like to
> be able to apply a simple patch file if needed (or better
> yet, get any Cygwin changes merged into the project). But
> this isn't practical if the project contains files that
> are unrecognizable/unavailable to Cygwin.

IMNSHO, the problem is with the project that uses files that differ only 
in case.  It's not portable, and if the project wishes portability, then 
the practice must stop.  I urge you to raise an argument with the 
package maintainers accompanied with a patch.  Changing Cygwin to handle 
the problem isn't going to cause these problems to disappear as not all 
environments will support it.


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