cgf's sandbox

Chris January
Fri Jul 26 10:53:00 GMT 2002

> I promised Christopher January that I'd try to implement a cmdline
> method for pinfo and I've got something in my sandbox that seems to work
> ok.  It contacts the other process and says "give me your command line"
> so there is no use of shared memory.
Thanks for taking the time to do this.

> I implemented /proc/cmdline as a proof of concept and it seems to
> work well.
> I can extend this mechanism to allowing /proc/pid/fd/n, too.
That would be good. Someone wanted lsof to work on Cygwin - adding
/proc/<pid>/fd should help a lot.

> I have a few more things to tweak and then I can check this in.
> My sandbox also has the beginnings of a mount table generalization that
> should allow /proc and /dev to be mounted as special filesystems, too.
> That is in a much earlier stage of development, though.  I'm not entirely
> satisfied with it yet.
Perhaps this would be a good time for the implementation details for this
could be opened up for wider discussion in case anyone has any comments?

One question - for some of the items in /proc/<pid> I have native (NT only)
implementations as well (e.g. I have a native routine that gets the command
line of a program, another that lists open files). What are peoples views on
adding support for native processes to /proc? (These would also show up in
ps, etc.) I was thinking of using an environment variable to switch between
Cygwin processes only and all processes (like the -W switch of ps).


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