cgf's sandbox

Christopher Faylor
Thu Jul 25 18:52:00 GMT 2002

I promised Christopher January that I'd try to implement a cmdline
method for pinfo and I've got something in my sandbox that seems to work
ok.  It contacts the other process and says "give me your command line"
so there is no use of shared memory.

I implemented /proc/cmdline as a proof of concept and it seems to
work well.

I can extend this mechanism to allowing /proc/pid/fd/n, too.

I have a few more things to tweak and then I can check this in.

My sandbox also has the beginnings of a mount table generalization that
should allow /proc and /dev to be mounted as special filesystems, too.
That is in a much earlier stage of development, though.  I'm not entirely
satisfied with it yet.

It also has an assembly language rewrite of strn?casematch which, so far,
has proved to be entirely not worth the time it took to write.


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