access port (cygserver question) <PLEASE REPLY TO THIS ONE>

Robert Collins
Thu Jul 4 05:16:00 GMT 2002

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> "Robert Collins" <> wrote:
> > Sounds like the cygserver domain socket was left open
> > (perhaps due to cygserver being forcibly killed),
> > and each process was trying to connect to the cygserver.
> Rob,
> AFAICS it's simply the presence of the socket file (/tmp/cygdaemo)
> that triggers this behaviour, i.e. it doesn't require anything to go
> wrong to trigger this.  You can re-start the machine and the presence
> of the file causes clients to attempt to connect to the daemon.

Yes. I've read the whole thread now. When I wrote that part I was under
the (apparently) mistaken impression that unix domain sockets, like
other sockets, disappear on the last close. Sigh.


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