access port (cygserver question) <PLEASE REPLY TO THIS ONE>

Conrad Scott
Thu Jul 4 02:25:00 GMT 2002


Sorry for the delay in replying but for once I'd managed to get some
sleep during nightime hours --- it probably won't happen again :-)

I've replied to this on the cygwin mailing list, but just to confirm
that this is an issue only on win9x/Me and only if someone has run
cygserver at least once (to create the /tmp/cygdaemo socket).

The current cygserver implementation leaves the socket file around on
exit, which is standard behaviour for a daemon process AFAIK.  I've
been meaning to put in a patch to get it to delete the socket when the
daemon exits: I'll submit it to you for HEAD if you're interested.
But, this only occurs if people have run cygserver themselves: none of
this happens by default.

As for the firewall problem: that is a right PITA: I've got in the
habit of clicking on the ZoneAlarm popup whenever it appears, since it
all settles down after a while but it's a stupid experience. I'll see
if I can find out how to configure it to ignore all local socket


// Conrad

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