cinstall patch

Sat Oct 27 20:00:00 GMT 2001

2001-10-27  Matt Hargett  <>

	* (progress): Change int to unsigned int to eliminate
	lint warnings.

	* (get_url_to_string): Check for NULL pointer.

	* (find2): Use free instead of delete for malloc'd

	* (NetIO_HTTP::NetIO_HTTP): Fix memory leak.

There were a few lint wanrings I wasn't sure what to do about. The warning
and my question: : Warning 578: Declaration of symbol 'gw_dialog' hides
    'gw_dialog' (line 40)

Is this intentional?

---- : Warning 533: function 'list_click(struct HWND__ *, int,
    int, unsigned int)' should return a value (see line 402)

what should the return value be at the end of the function?

----- : Warning 644: Variable 'n' (line 891) may not have been

what should initial value for n be?

          if (src && srcsz) : Warning 506: Constant value Boolean

Should this be *src && *srcsz?


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