make check has 17 failures

egor duda
Mon Oct 29 03:00:00 GMT 2001


Sunday, 28 October, 2001 Matt wrote:

M> make check has 17 failures on my machine with current CVS:

M> /testsuite/demangle-expected
M> FAIL: --format=gnu _10PageButton\$__both
M>    result: _10PageButton\$__both
M>  expected: PageButton::__both
M> 17 of 645 tests failed
M> make[2]: *** [check-cplus-dem] Error 1
M> make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/cygwin/libiberty/testsuite'
M> make[1]: *** [check-subdir] Error 2
M> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/cygwin/libiberty'
M> make: *** [check-libiberty] Error 2

cygwin ash is behaving differently from the linux one. see the patch

Corinna said she'll release updated ash shortly.

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