1.3.4 status?

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Mon Oct 22 11:37:00 GMT 2001

On Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 02:27:29PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 02:20:13PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
> >Does anyone have a list of the outstanding issues that are preventing the 
> >release of 1.3.4?  What are the showstoppers?
> Just five issues that I'm aware of:
> 1) The supposed serial I/O bug.  (me)
> 2) Corinna found a bug with ftpd today that needs to be fixed. (Corinna/me?)

I will not get to this today anymore, unfortunately.  I'm going to
look into this tomorrow.

> 3) The HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH patch that will speed up cygwin and work around the
>    gdb problem that people are having. (Corinna)

This one is done.

> 4) Jonathan Kamens says that cygwin core dumps for him.  Havne't heard much
>    about that. (jik)
> 5) execvp (checked in soon) (me)


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