The test suite is cool

egor duda
Tue Oct 2 04:34:00 GMT 2001


Tuesday, 02 October, 2001 Christopher Faylor wrote:

CF> I just wanted to spread some test suite kudos in Egor's direction.

well, most kudos should go to the guys from linux testing project, i
just did the porting.

CF> I've been trying to school myself to run the test suite before I check in
CF> changes and whaddaya know?  I've found some problems in my code (I can
CF> hear the collective gasps now).

cool indeed :) i wonder if it's possible to add 'make check' to
snapshot building scripts (if they're running natively, of course) and
post results on snapshots page.

CF> I'd like to start adding some more regression tests to the testsuite.  I
CF> know that I could figure out how to do this but I'm wondering if a
CF> "how-to-add-things-to-the-test-suite" would be appropriate.
CF> Egor, would you be willing to add something like this?

hmm, i don't really know what can i add to README written by DJ. Maybe
except CYGWIN_TESTSUITE_TESTS variable description, which is rather
recent addition. for those who interested, this variable can be used
to make testsuite skip all tests except those that match regexp,
assigned to this variable. so, if i want to run e.g. lseek tests only,
i start testsuite with something like
'make check CYGWIN_TESTSUITE_TESTS=\.\*lseek\.\*'

otherwise, one should just write a *.c program which returns 0 status
on success and non-zero on failure.

what i definitely _can_ write is a testsuite TODO :) i have some ideas
to make testsuite more useful (this includes [better] w9x support,
testing for memory leaks, some kind of benchmarking etc.)

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