release announcement for setup.exe?

Brian Keener
Sun May 27 16:18:00 GMT 2001

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I have some changes planned for setup which will accomodate some in-house Red Hat
> usage.  I'll be adding some general features to setup.ini. 

Cool,  I've been thinking about how to tackle the category logic for the packages 
as my next project (course that might be part of what you're planning since you 
mention setup.ini).  Thought of just having the general categories for each package 
listed in setup.ini just like Prev, Curr, and Test designations are handled now.  I 
really think we need that feature - just not sure how to tackle as yet.

>  It's been a while since I used bison and flex but I guess it's just like riding 
> a unicycle.  I was laid up for a month, the last time I tried.

Kind of like they say about riding a horse - just get a deep seat and a far away 
look in your eye.  ;-)  Then hang on.


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