Error 1 and error 2 compiling winsup

Brian Keener
Fri Nov 17 07:38:00 GMT 2000

David Starks-Browning wrote:
> "Programming Questions".  Let me know if that entry needs work, as I
> haven't attempted to build Cygwin myself.

Actually it looks pretty clear and even mentions that the documentation 
won't build without Texi2html and docbook-tools and then shows where to 
get them.  

One part might be a little unclear (at least for me) is the configure 

/src/configure --prefix=/install -v > configure.log 2>&1

where it mentions /install.  How does this relate to d:\cygwin or /usr 
(ie the install path) where my cygwin is installed.  If you'll remember 
we had a little discussion going when I was trying to do some things with 
the setup program and I got caught in the trap of the /src vs /obj or 
/build when I was trying to download the cvs code for winsup and cinstall 
and then build my own cinstall.  Now there appears to be this /install 
and this might need some additional explanation.
Brian Keener

Virtual  Access 5.50 build 311 Win95

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