Error 1 and error 2 compiling winsup

David Starks-Browning
Fri Nov 17 02:43:00 GMT 2000

On Friday 17 Nov 00, Brian Keener writes:
> Updated and make worked like a champ.  Now I have really only been 
> working with this so I could do some coding on cinstall, but since I am 
> building this cygwin - what would I do if I want it to start actually 
> being used.  Do I do a: 
> make install
> or what?
> Also how do I check out from cvs the Texi2html and docbook-tools so I 
> quit getting the errors at the end of the make referring to them or do I 
> build them in some other method?

There are some hints, and pointers to the extra tools, in the FAQ
entry "How do I rebuild the tools on my NT box?" in the section
"Programming Questions".  Let me know if that entry needs work, as I
haven't attempted to build Cygwin myself.


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