Next net release will be 1.1.3

DJ Delorie
Mon May 22 20:21:00 GMT 2000

> Sure.  Put version number strings in all of the .exe's that are
> installed.  Then if tar file A wipes out an executable that was also in
> tar file B we don't rely on external, erroneous data about tar file A to
> make update decisions.  That's a foolproof if impractical solution.

What about non-executables, like libraries or include files?  That's
why I suggested a separate database of tarballs, files, and checksums.
Or at least sizes and timestamps.

> OK.  The regression point is a good one.  The current version of setup
> can't handle anything like this of course.  You're talking about control
> from the download site which would be cool.

Yup.  It will simplify setup, too.

> Setup doesn't know about versions or dates.  It just knows about
> normalized strings of alphanumeric characters following a "-" and prior
> to a .tar.gz.  It sorts based on those.

Right.  It shouldn't have to know about that either; you either have
the "right" file (specified in the control file) or you don't.

> I just want "setup -u cygwin" to do the right thing as much as possible.

I think a central control file will solve the problem, and for *all*
the packages we distribute.  Finding the time to write the code for
it, though...

> I think my next post to this mailing list will be on the subject
> of puppies and kittens.  (Hint:  I like them.)

Want two?  I have first-hand experience with the meaning of "cat
fight" :-(

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