Incorrect prototypes for some pthread functions

Chris Faylor
Sun May 7 18:53:00 GMT 2000

On Sun, May 07, 2000 at 08:37:21PM -0500, Paul K. Fisher wrote:
>Greetings.  Just joined the list, and second time I am posting.  Overall I
>am looking into pthread support. Now on to the question.
>I have found that some of the prototypes for the pthreads functions appear
>to be incorrect.  For example, pthread_kill is prototyped as:
>int pthread_kill( pthread_t * thread, int sig );
>and it seems that it should be:
>int pthread_kill( pthread_t thread, int sig );
>Of course, this probably still works, but causes a compilation warning.
>There are several other cases of where this occurs.  Any reason for this.  I
>am referring to the UNIX 98 spec as a reference.  Is there something else to
>which this has been implemented?
>If these are really incorrect, I will submit a patch.

If the spec says something different, then this is a bug.  Feel free to
submit a patch for this and to supply any missing prototypes.  Please
make sure that you use GNU standards with any code that you supply.  The
thread stuff was formatted abominably before so don't let that be your

But you already knew that...


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