New cygwin CVS directory "cinstall"

Chris Faylor
Thu Mar 30 18:22:00 GMT 2000

I've just imported (with his permission) Ron Parker's install sources
into winsup/cinstall.  I named it "cinstall" for "console install"
since it's possible that there will be other installers over time.
You can also think of it as "Cygwin Install" if it helps...

I hope that this will help keep development on the installer moving

I haven't integrated the installer into the top-level makefile since
it doesn't yet build with gcc.  If some enterprising person wants to
take the time to get this working with gcc/mingw and incorporate it
into the top-level Makefile, it would be great (tm).

I expect that everyone but Ron who has patches for the installer will
submit patches to for his approval.

There was issue with this directory which I decided to ignore.  It contains
zlib-1.1.3.  The sources for this library also exist in other places on
sourceware but we aren't prepared to merge all of the myriad repositories
yet so I thought it was best to isolate this directory here.

It would be nice (tm) if cinstall was eventually autoconfiscated and if
zlib was only built if an appropriate zlib library did not exist on
the host system.  It has also been suggested that libz.a should be named
something cygwin-specific like libzcyg.a or something just to avoid
conflict with other libz's.

Remember, that if you want to see this directory in your winsup directory
you need to do a "cvs update -d".


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