net release/installer status?

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Mar 28 12:48:00 GMT 2000

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> In winsup/cygwin/
> === SNIP ===
> cygrun.exe : $(srcdir)/cygrun.c $(DLL_IMPORTS) $(w32api_lib)/libuser32.a
> \
>              $(w32api_lib)/libshell32.a
>         $(CC) -o $@ -L$(w32api_lib) $(srcdir)/cygrun.c
> === SNAP ===
> I have substituted $(CC) by $(COMPILE_CC) and it works fine.
> Just now a new build from scratch is running on my linux box
> where I have changed all of the above details. Let's see...

Ok, I'm thru with the exception of strace.exe. I had three
remaining problems:

- in mingw it wasn't possible to link the dll.
  The top level contains


 in CC_FOR_TARGET and CXX_FOR_TARGET which is wrong. It should be


- in the mingw Makefile SUBDIRS computes to an empty list which results
  in a syntax error in the "subdirs:" rule. I have temporary solved it
  by adding a "dummy" entry.

- When trying to compile winsup/utils/strace.exe the include path
  to winsup/w32api/include is missing. This may be a result of another
  problem in the top level CC_FOR_TARGET and CXX_FOR_TARGET
  are containing

    -idirafter $$s/winsup/include

  Correct would be (IMHO)

    -idirafter $$s/winsup/w32api/include

  I'll check this three problems again by another build from scratch
  right now.


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