net release/installer status?

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Mar 28 08:20:00 GMT 2000

Chris Faylor wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 10:34:41PM -0600, Mumit Khan wrote:
> >Corinna Vinschen <> writes:
> >>FYI: I finally could cross compile cygwin1.dll on my linux box.  Ah,
> >>yes, it's not only compiled but it also runs under W2K.
> >>
> >>Nevertheless I have some trouble.  I have patched two Makefiles and I
> >>had to configure twice in winsup.  Eventually I couldn't compile the
> >>utils subdir because w32api/include isn't in the configured incude path
> >>list.
> >
> >The problem may actually be quite simple -- we may be lacking -nostdinc
> >-I<path_to_w32ap_include> in the Makefiles.  The -B<path_to_newlib>
> >only handles the newlib includes, but the w32api headers are still
> >coming from your installed tree.
> There *is* a -I<path_to_w32ap_include> in winsup/Makefile.common:
> [...]

I was somewhat tired that night. The above missing include path to
w32api/include doesn't occur in winsup/utils but in winsup/cygwin
when compiling cygrun.exe. I think I have found the terrorist:
In winsup/cygwin/

=== SNIP ===
cygrun.exe : $(srcdir)/cygrun.c $(DLL_IMPORTS) $(w32api_lib)/libuser32.a
        $(CC) -o $@ -L$(w32api_lib) $(srcdir)/cygrun.c
=== SNAP ===

I have substituted $(CC) by $(COMPILE_CC) and it works fine.

> Or is Corinna referring to the top-level utils directory?

No, I was blind only... my eyes were lying in bed already.

> I did submit a patch to include the various include directories when
> building gcc:
> LIBGCC2_INCLUDES = -I$(srcdir)/../winsup/include \
>         -I$(srcdir)/../winsup/cygwin/include \
>         -I$(srcdir)/../winsup/w32api/include
> This is in the sourceware gcc.

This isn't in the net release preview, AFAICS. It's the one I've

The other problem:
The top level missed the "$$s/winsup/include" path
This is due to the fact that I've used from the
binutils-src out of the net release preview. The top level of the winsup cvs directory on sourceware is correct,

Another problem: The directories $(toplevel)/include and/or
$(toplevel)/libiberty (I'm not sure yet which one is the problem)
are different between those included in binutils-src-19990818.1
and those included in the winsup cvs directory. I have to use those
from binutils to get gcc (and the other stuff) compiled.

Just now a new build from scratch is running on my linux box
where I have changed all of the above details. Let's see...


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