sample setup "version chooser"

Chris Faylor
Wed Jul 26 07:04:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 09:39:43AM -0400, DJ Delorie wrote:
>> I didn't really "get it" until I read your description.
>Right.  That's why I supplied one.

As I mentioned, I purposely didn't read your description.  I wanted to
approach this as a user would.

>> I don't know if that is a problem or not.  Will there be more words
>> and descriptions around the entries?  Or, maybe all that is needed
>> is a "Help" button.
>The final dialog will have helpful text on it.  A help button is a
>> >If the user selects to install a package that isn't installed by
>> >default, should it get upgraded automatically by default after that?
>> >Same for uninstalling a package that's installed by default.
>> Bleah.  Sounds like another button?  Or maybe an additional dialog
>> box after the user moves off of this dialog:
>No, I was thinking of having setup infer this information and store it
>somewhere.  Thus, the fact that you elected to install or not install
>something means that that should be the default from now on.

Ok.  I think that setup should still warn if the user tries to not install
something that we have deemed to be part of the complete package, though.


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