sample setup "version chooser"

DJ Delorie
Wed Jul 26 06:39:00 GMT 2000

> I didn't really "get it" until I read your description.

Right.  That's why I supplied one.

> I don't know if that is a problem or not.  Will there be more words
> and descriptions around the entries?  Or, maybe all that is needed
> is a "Help" button.

The final dialog will have helpful text on it.  A help button is a

> >If the user selects to install a package that isn't installed by
> >default, should it get upgraded automatically by default after that?
> >Same for uninstalling a package that's installed by default.
> Bleah.  Sounds like another button?  Or maybe an additional dialog
> box after the user moves off of this dialog:

No, I was thinking of having setup infer this information and store it
somewhere.  Thus, the fact that you elected to install or not install
something means that that should be the default from now on.

> >You can't have different default trust levels for each package.
> >I.e. you can't automatically get new experimental releases for some
> >packages, but stick with stable releases for others.
> Hmm.  I think this would be pretty important.  If Chuck Wilson wanted
> people to try out a new version of libpng, it might be nice to just
> run setup to get that, while keeping everything else the same.

Yes, it will default to keep whatever you already have installed,
installed.  Exception: what you have installed has been superceded by
a new release.  So, if you are already up to date, and you choose to
upgrade to an experimental "vim" for example, setup will remember that
you've installed that version of vim, and as long as it remains
availble in setup.ini - either experimental or stable - setup will let
you keep it.  If, for some reason, it's removed from the ftp servers
and setup.ini, setup with then - and only then - re-install the stable

However, it does this by remembering the version of the package you
installed, not the trust level.  It doesn't know that "vim-20000725"
was experimental, just that (1) you chose to install it, (2) it is
still a valid option, and (3) nothing has replaced it yet.

What setup won't do is automatically install a *new* experimental
version, just because you choose to install an experimental version
before.  Unless, of course, you default to choosing experimental
versions for *everything*.

> >You can't easily choose a new trust level while looking at the list of
> >packages.  If this is a popular request, I may rewrite the code to
> >support it, but at the moment it's all picked at startup.
> I think this would be a nice feature too.  I'll bet that people would
> expect this.

Yeah, I figured.

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