[ANNOUNCEMENT] Stable: wxWidgets3.0

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty hamishmb@live.co.uk
Fri Jan 8 15:55:43 GMT 2021

Version of "wxWidgets3.0" has been marked as stable.

wxWidgets3.0 is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for GTK written in C++.

This update provides the following packages:

- wxWidgets3.0 (source package).

- wxWidgets3.0-debuginfo

- wxWidgets3.0-doc

- libwx_baseu3.0_0

- libwx_baseu3.0-devel

- libwx_gtk2u3.0_0

- libwx_gtk2u3.0-devel

- libwx_gtk2u3.0-doc (obsolete)

- libwx_gtk3u3.0_0

- libwx_gtk3u3.0-devel

This update brings a newer, less buggy version of wxWidgets 3.0, and the
following changes have been made since the last version:

- Updated to wxWidgets from 3.0.4.

- Added build dependencies.

- Evaluated lots of new patches (over 80), and found that nearly none of
them were needed (already patched in new source), so we only have a few
new patches.

- Updated the wxGTK collision patch for wxwidgets as the old one
wouldn't apply.

- Use pushd and popd instead of cd in the cygport file.

- Enable automated unit tests in the cygport file (these currently do
work so I tested manually).

- Enable and test wxwebview with webkit (works fine in all configurations).

- Split BUILD_REQUIRES across two lines for definitely build time and
probably only runtime deps.

- Use system regex library explicitly.

- Removed obsolete --without-gnomeprint option.

- Use gnomevfs (old bug no longer seems to apply).

The git repository at
has also been updated.




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