[PATCH] Support minimum kernel version for glibc build other than CT_KERNEL_VERSION

Martin Guy martinwguy@yahoo.it
Fri Aug 29 08:59:00 GMT 2008

>  > Is there a good reason why 2.6.9 is a _sane_ default over other
>  > versions?

glibc-2.7/README, he say:

        alpha*-*-linux-gnu      Requires Linux 2.6.9 for NPTL
        sh[34]-*-linux-gnu      Requires Linux 2.6.11

while glibc/ChangeLog.13:   Set arch_minimum_kernel=2.4.19 for powerpc/powerpc64

while ARM EABI requires 2.6.16 - the version when EABI support was
added in the kernel.

It looks like a blank default will let glibc select the minimum
compatible kernel based on the chosen architecture, which would give,
by default, toolchains that work in the broadest range of scenarios.


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