Trouble cross compiling for powerpc 440fp target

Wed Aug 27 00:59:00 GMT 2008

I've worked through a lot of things to get a powerpc-440 target cross
compiler built under cygwin.
I'm thinking I am close to finishing the cross compile of glibc 2.7 but
have run into an
issue that I am unsure how to resolve.  I searched but could not find a
similar problem.
The end result is an error with multiply defined methods
_res_hconf_init  Details are below.
Thanks for any help.
- ame

I've applied the listed patches:

And here is my configure and make:

## configure

\rm -f config.cache
echo "libc_cv_forced_unwind=yes" > config.cache
echo "libc_cv_c_cleanup=yes" >> config.cache

bin:${PATH} CC=powerpc-440-linux-gnu-gcc ../glibc-2.7/configure
--prefix=/usr --
build=i686-pc-cygwin --host=powerpc-440-linux-gnu --with-fp
--with-__thread --wi
th-tls --enable-kernel=2.6.0 --disable-sanity-checks --without-cvs
file --disable-debug --without-gd --disable-shared
--enable-add-ons=nptl,ports \
erpc-440-linux-gnu/usr/include  \
werpc-440-linux-gnu/bin/ \
--cache-file=config.cache \

## Make

in:${PATH} CC=powerpc-440-linux-gnu-gcc make

The error takes a while to show up, but it is shown here.  When I check
the directories, I find a
res_hconf.c in both the nscd and resolv subdirectories.  Not sure how to
deal with this.  I did
a diff and found them to be fairly different.

/c/temp/build-glibc/nscd/connections.o: In function `begin_drop_privileges':
/c/temp/glibc-2.7/nscd/connections.c:1919: warning: Using 'getgrouplist'
in stat
ically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from
the gli
bc version used for linking
/c/temp/glibc-2.7/nscd/connections.c:1900: warning: Using 'getpwnam' in
ly linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the
glibc v
ersion used for linking
/c/temp/build-glibc/libc.a(res_hconf.o): In function `_res_hconf_init':
/c/temp/glibc-2.7/resolv/res_hconf.c:360: multiple definition of
c:360: first defined here
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [/c/temp/build-glibc/nscd/nscd] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/c/temp/glibc-2.7/nscd'
make[1]: *** [nscd/others] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/c/temp/glibc-2.7'
make: *** [all] Error 2

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