Seg fault when configuring starting cross-compiling linux-2.6.7 for PPC on Intel platform (windows XP) using cygwin

Dan Kegel
Tue Jul 20 16:11:00 GMT 2004

Povolotsky, Alexander wrote:
>> bertrand marquis [] wrote:
>>     the thing is that should not be build under cygwin as 
>> shared librairies - should be *.dll.a
>> you must apply the patch contained in cross tool to your kernel.
>> Moreover you should take a look at this message:
> I did not understand ...

Maybe this is a better message (it's a bit earlier in the thread):

> Why did cygwin's menuconfig worked "as is' on Linux 2.4.26 kernel and
> doesn't on Linux 2.6.7 (2.6.6) ?

Because Linux 2.6 decided to start using a shared library,
and cygwin evidently still has a few issues with shared libraries.

> Anyway what needs to be patched and with what ?

As Bertrand's message clearly says, linux-2.6/scripts/kconfig/Makefile needs
to be changed to avoid using a shared library for libkconfig.

> Anybody besides Bertrand tried it and verified that menuconfig works after
> "that" ?

I believe so.

- Dan

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