BSD to Hitachi sh-hms cross compiler problems.

Bernie Doehner
Fri Jun 20 05:57:00 GMT 1997


I am using 2.7.2, binutils-2.7, newlib-1.6. Host OS=FreeBSD 2.2,

I just found a problem with straight division such as:

	BRR_PORT=BPS * 9600 / speed;

The following happens:

uhf:~/sh/link> make link.x
/usr/local/sh/bin/sh-hms-ld link.o -Tlink.lnk -o link.x
link.o(.text+0x3a4):link.c: undefined reference to `___sdivsi3'
*** Error code 1


This problem does not occur for multiplication, only division.

I noticed that the ___sdivsi3 symbol is both in libc.a and libm.a (for the
cross compiler), so I am a bit confused on why this is happening. I
thought gcc automaticaly linked to libc? 

Probably something really stupid on my side.. Thanks for your


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