[PATCH] Disable year 2038 support on 32-bit hosts by default

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Wed Aug 10 09:41:13 GMT 2022

Hi Luis,

> Nick, would you know the reason behind binutils not using gnulib?

Originally it was historical - the binutils project was started a
long time before the gnulib project.

These days it is an effort issue - as in it will take a lot of effort
to switch over to using gnulib, and I just do not have the time.  But
if someone else is interested in doing the work then I am not against

There may be some technical issue - I seem to remember seeing some
posts in the past about problems with gnulib - but these can probably
be resolved.  Also I am not sure about the state of the documentation
for gnulib.  If it is minimal, as the gnulib project's web page
suggests, then this is going to hinder adoption into the binutils.


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