[PATCH] Disable year 2038 support on 32-bit hosts by default

Luis Machado luis.machado@arm.com
Wed Aug 10 10:14:20 GMT 2022

On 8/10/22 10:41, Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Luis,
>> Nick, would you know the reason behind binutils not using gnulib?
> Originally it was historical - the binutils project was started a
> long time before the gnulib project.
> These days it is an effort issue - as in it will take a lot of effort
> to switch over to using gnulib, and I just do not have the time.  But
> if someone else is interested in doing the work then I am not against
> it.
> There may be some technical issue - I seem to remember seeing some
> posts in the past about problems with gnulib - but these can probably
> be resolved.  Also I am not sure about the state of the documentation
> for gnulib.  If it is minimal, as the gnulib project's web page
> suggests, then this is going to hinder adoption into the binutils.
> Cheers
>    Nick

Thanks for the feedback. I don't want to introduce more issues, so I'll go with
the original patch that just creates a root level enable/disable switch for the year 2038 fix.

It will be disabled by default for now.


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